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Ever After Music Fest

The Ever After Music Festival has quickly become an annual highlight of Electronic music, attracting artists from around the globe to Kitchener, Ontario. Starting in 2015, EAMF has grown to feature some of the most well known acts in EDM and is known for it's growing display of unique inflatable fantasy characters and landscapes.

Held at Bingemans in Kitchener Ontario, Ever After is a multi-day fantasy camping and music festival that features a raging lineup of electronic acts from across the globe. From the festival’s inception in 2015 our team has taken over massive pieces of real estate setting up everything from larger than life characters and structures to unique and intricate decorations and lounges to create the mystical feel the festival’s creators we’re searching for. In addition to ‘setting the vibes’ we also provided festival-goers with our inflatable (and giant) games to ensure they never had a moment where they couldn’t be entertained. The multi-day festival became quite the sought after weekend amongst team members and subcontractors alike, everyone wanted in to make the event even more special than the year before it. Although we were faced with many curveballs over our years with EAMF they never put out fire or desire to continue to build our ever-growing creative elements that helped make the festival what it is today. To close off this memory like we do each festival year (as per tradition) by gathering at the EAMF sign for a photo before heading to Boston Pizza up the road for a celebratory meal.

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