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I Love Travel - Bahama's

ilovetravel offers youth and students from High school to College/ University level a chance to experience travel, new experiences and adventures across the globe.

ilovetravel is a family of travel brands offering the best and most innovative youth and student travel experiences around the world. From high school to college and university, they provide the #TripofaLifetime that celebrates travel, new and old friendships, and adventure. In 2018 we teamed up with Sound Events and went on our furthest trek to date from London, Ontario to the Grand Bahamas. Believe it or not we drove from London to Florida with all of our gear before transporting everything over to the ship that took us to the island. Without getting into too much detail we ran into a lot of twists, turns and everything in between, however, once we arrived and got settled we were able to give the students an experience of a lifetime with themed events scheduled throughout the 14 days of the trip! From a full production stage on the resorts beach to LED furniture, decor, glow paint and more at Señor Frogs and the Port Lucaya Marketplace. These string of events was an unforgettable experience & one we hope the students won't forget either!

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