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Primarily an industry awards event, JUNOfest has become a beacon for music industry/networking opportunities that features top Canadian artists and upcoming talent from across Canada.

Evolving from an industry awards event to a weeklong festival that travels city to city across the country JUNOfest encompasses both public-facing fan events and industry/networking opportunities featuring a diverse array of Canadian artists and emerging talent. To ring in the awards ceremony we had the opportunity to takeover the flex street at Dundas Place with our synthetic ice rink, LED swings and furniture as well as a large concert bandshell and various lounging structures. It was a cold and wet day but that didn't stop the patrons or our team from enjoying the celebrations! Once our part of the festival was complete we attended the awards ceremony at Budweiser Gardens as well as the after party at the London Music Hall, the perfect end to a larger than life celebration. It was truly an honour to be part of this event!

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